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Last update: 14.03.2000

Here you can find a game "Jackals" for ZX-Spectrum computers and some information.

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"Jackals" is a Real Time Strategy game. Actions are in the time of valorous knights, about 700 years ago. Two princes have not divided their father's land and a terrible war has begun. You will fight for one of them. There will be many great battles and you are the one who can help your master in this war. The game has a simple interface - mouse control and some hot keys. Main ideas were given from popular "War craft", "Age of Empires" and Russian "Black Raven". "Jackals" supports English and Russian languages (You can choose your own language in Setup).

System requirements:

  • Z80 CPU at 3.5Mhz or faster.
  • 128K/256K Memory.
  • Beta Disk Interface with TR-Dos V5.03 and FDD 80X2 type.
  • Kempston mouse support.
  • AY Chip support for FM sound.
  • General Sound card support for Real Digital Stereo sound.

In 256K Computers there will be more graphic effects, real time AY music and an uploading will be faster. "Jackals" takes into account CPU speed and Turbo Mode is not bad for it. An AY Chip in your computer is required for FM sound. A General Sound card is required for clean digital stereo sound.

Technical features:

  • Global map size: 128X64 Blocks.
  • Work window size: 192X192 Pixels.
  • Colorful graphics.
  • Real Time RGB (8 Colors 64X64 Pixels) Map scanner.
  • Speed: 6 interrupts per frame (8,3 fps).
  • Max Number of Units: 160.
  • 3D Arrows
Jackals You'll build towns, forts, libraries, academies, crypts, barns, farms, wells, walls and towers, you'll hire warriors, archers, knights, arbalesters, catapultes, daemons, wizards for fighting against your master's brother. Workers will give you resources, however you'll see it by your own eyes.

The last demo-version (003) is here.

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Kim Alexander Bondarenko (St.Petersburg, Russia) e-mail: bka_software@mail.ru

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